Castle Craft Fun!

Children's Castle Crafts at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses!

We’ve been going castle crazy this summer! Our lighthouse is constructed within an old castle, which was built by the Fraser family in 1570. We thought that we’d help children to learn about this by giving our summer holiday craft sessions a ‘castle’ theme this year. Each week looks at a different aspect of castle life, from how they were built to the people that lived in them and how they entertained themselves. We’ve also had a little bit of fun exploring the castle theme by looking at castle legends (including making some ferocious, fire-breathing dragons) and organising a treasure hunt!


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So far our most popular week has been ‘Princes and Princesses’ with Fraser the duck also coming along to join in the fun!

Everyone enjoyed making their ‘official’ prince or princess crown with beautiful stick on gems. The children also got the chance to design their very own coat of arms – drawing pictures of things they liked and things they were good at. This included lots of drawings of pet dogs and bunny rabbits! If any of our new princes and princesses were invited to a masquerade ball, we had them covered for that too! They coloured their masks and decorated with stickers and feathers to make a mask fit for royalty! After that the children made and coloured flags either to wave at any real royal visits or for their loyal subjects to wave at them!

Fraser the duck was impressed at all the creative designs he saw and was very happy when he was given his own mask to wear!


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We are now half way through our summer holiday activities, but there are still spaces available to book for Castle Knights this week, Jesters and Jousting the week after and our Treasure Hunt on the final Thursday of the holidays. It costs £1 per child and children must be accompanied by adult.  If you want to join in the fun you can call us on 01346 511022 or email to book a place.

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