Store De-clutter!

During the 1990’s Scottish lighthouses were nearly all automatic – running on computerised systems. Much of the old machinery that was removed was in need of a new home. When the museum opened in 1995 objects began to arrive and just kept coming! The speed of the new arrivals made it difficult for museum staff to keep up and the store quickly filled up. This is what it looked like in February 2015.

couldn't swing a cat!

nae room fur dugs (woof woof) either

We decided the time had come to do a bit of de-cluttering. It was a mammoth task to remove the collection from the store but we tackled it over the autumn and winter months. This was no mean task as the movement of every object had to be tracked!

Store January 2015 (9)

We also had to remove many bits and pieces that were not collection items and were taking up valuable space.


Three skips later we finally started shipping out boxes into the car park where they were checked and photographed before being relocated to a secure place.

IMG_0099 (2)

Some of our more fragile items required lots of T.L.C. such as this bulls eye from the Monach Lens.


We couldn’t believe how big the store was once it was nearly empty! This is how it looked in January 2016. Once empty work could begin to increase the capacity allowing us to better care for our recognised collection.


Work started in late February to build a new larger mezzanine level as well as a new staircase, walkway, loading bay and specialised lifting gear.

image (4)

We created much more space and have begun the process of returning our items to a much more accessible store. Watch this space for more updates and pics!