Our museum is a place for you to have fun, to learn something new and to get involved. We do have lots of old stuff – we’re a museum! But it’s how we bring this to life through our displays, stories and desire to share that guarantees a fantastic day out.

You could start by getting into character and trying on our keeper’s uniform, or at the very least by getting Dad to do it. We have a wide range of creative activities for children here; from the tried and trusted pencils and worksheets to climbing up the fascinating spiral staircase inside the lighthouse itself.

Lighthouse Visitors
Whether they just look like giant owls or you know the difference between Fresnel and hyper-radial ones, our lighthouse lenses are impressive feats of engineering, whatever your point of view. We have the largest lens collection in the UK along with a host of information about the engineers and keepers behind them. Learn about the famous Stevenson Family who constructed 93 lighthouses in 150 years; not to mention the skill and bravery they demonstrated in erecting Bell Rock.

We have lots more to share with you. You’re always welcome.

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