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Autism Awareness

Over the winter months our Collections Team , Michael Strachan and Anna Watt, have been working towards gaining an Autism Awareness Award for the Museum. The aim is to make the museum more accessible to those on the autism spectrum and to enable them to feel welcome and comfortable when visiting the museum

Tea room open until 3.30pm

Our Lighthouse Tea Room is now open from 10.30am – 3:30pm every day. This means another thirty minutes of relaxation, good food and stunning views… every single day.

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Ever heard of a full-size lighthouse built right through the middle of a 16th Century castle? No, we thought not. But seeing is believing, so come and share in the wonder of this truly unique castle, understand the lifestyle and courage of our lighthouse keepers and marvel at the sophisticated engineering that saved lives. Our guides are fully trained and love to laugh.

Battered by storms, ravaged by waves, built by Mr. Stevenson.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is based in the bustling fishing port of Fraserburgh on the North East corner of Aberdeenshire. It’s all here; Kinnaird Head Lighthouse – the very first lighthouse on mainland Scotland (1787), Kinnaird Head Castle containing the lighthouse and our purpose-built museum alongside.

Our museum tells the great story of the Northern Lighthouse Board, the engineers who built the lights and the keepers who tended them.

It is a story of skill, courage, technical genius and brilliant organisation.


Kinnaird Head Castle and the adjacent Wine Tower are two of the best preserved structures of the ancient “nine castles of the knuckle” situated along the Buchan coast. Discover the castle’s unique 450 year story of continual reinvention and survival from castle, to lighthouse, to museum.


Fun at a Lighthouse Museum? How do I look in a keeper's uniform? Lighthouse lenses which resemble C3PO? Or, how to build a lighthouse on a rock in a stormy sea? Enjoy exploring the answers to these questions and many more at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.


We are committed to making the museum accessible and appealing to a wide range of educational groups. Above all, we aim to make your visit enjoyable and memorable. Contact us to see how we can cater for you.

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